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Laura Romero

Original title: El tiempo tiene nombre

23 x 23 cm / hard cover / 44 pages

Caleb’s mom is always in a hurry; Martina’s grandmother writes poetry at night
because she doesn’t have time during the day. And Zoe can’t fall asleep, and she
wants her dad to be with her in doing so. Isabel eats her afternoon snack while
she does her homework, and gets everything dirty. But she doesn’t have time to
do one thing at a time. But children do things at their time, one thing at a time,
living the present.
A book about how adults are always in a hurry, making kids do things faster.
But time has different names: it is Teo eating his cereal and Juliette peeling her
tangerine. Not fast or slow, taking the time they need.












Valeria Tentoni / Guido Ferro

Original title: Viaje al fondo del río

14 x 20 cm / hard cover / 42 pages

Sinforosa is a squirrel-girl who drops a brooch that used to belong to her beloved
grandmother into a river. In her desperation, she will submerge into the deep
waters and find an interesting underwater world where tiny crocodiles live and
will help her find her treasure in a very unconventional way!
This first children’s story by Valeria Tentoni, a young and promising poet.












Amalia Boselli · Francesca Massai

Original title: El viaje extraordinario del señor O.

18 x 22 cm / hard cover / 40 pages

Mr. O is navigating on his boat through unknown seas, and familiar islands, until he arrives at an island which appeals him. He comes to find people in this island always wear hats, all kinds of hats, which he finds strange… until he meets a young boy, that will take him to the beach and with whom he will be able to free his mind and start to fly! A story filled with wonder, about transcending limits and prejudices. This is the continuation of The unruly thought of Mr. O.












Arnaldo Calveyra – Mercedes Miró

Original title: Sucedió en Ganduxer…

14 x 20 cm / hard cover / 48 pages

This is the journey of a glass marble that falls from a boy’s pocket and rolls through the city of Barcelona, in search of the sea. Days, months, years will pass, it will come across various people and situations, untill it will finally arrive at the beach, and a couple of kids will send it straight to sea. A metaphysical story about the passing of time, narrated in the very singular and emotional voice of Arnaldo Calveyra, one of Argentina’s most talented and respected poets. As he said, this is part of his childhood memories.Mercedes Miró created the beautiful watercolors that represent Calveyra’s sensitive world. She has a gift in subtlety and the art of capturing emotions with color.










































Florencia Gattari / Sabina Schürmann

Original title: Vestido nuevo
size: 20 x 26 cm / hard cover / 42 pages

A girl receives a nice dress for her birthday. And she just won´t take it off! A whole year will pass by, and the girl grows as big as a tree… so her new birthday will arrive, and with it, a new dress to grow with her.

A poetic text about growth and childhood, with beautiful and fun images, filled with details and textures.
































Carolina Esses / Raquel Cané

Original title: Ana y la gaviota

size: 24 x 17 cm / hard cover / 32 pages

Ana travels everyday by train and boat to her work: she is a doctor in a small helthcare office for the fishermen and their families. One morning, as she heads for work, a seagull will knock on her windows and ask her to help: it has a hurt wing. Even though this is not Ana´s station, she will climb down the train and help the bird… and, together with it, she will finally get to see the sea.

A beautiful story about dreams and friendship.












Alejandra Fernández Mingorance

Original title: Dentro del bosque

20 x 30 cm / format: acordion / hard cover

A boy runs out from his house and into the woods. We can not see his face: he seems to hide and to be looking for someone at the same time.

Once he arrives at the end of the forest, he stands behind a tree and we can finally see him: he is ready to go back home.
His run back home is printed on the “back” part of the book – for this is an accordion book!

A small format book, without text, that narrates, with a certain extent of suspense, a game of hide and seek, through an enchanted forest.












Félix Bruzzone / Germán Wendel

Original title: Julián y el caballo de piedra

20 x 24 cm / hard cover / 40 pages

It is Julian’s birthday, but his mom and dad work all day. As snow falls outside, Julian feels a little lonely, so he decides to make some magic with his mirror.

“Abracadabra” is the magic word, and a succession of various animals will appear and leave his house, until along comes a horse that will take the child on a great adventure.

This is Bruzzone’s second book (the first is Julián en el espejo – Julián Inside the Mirror). Wendel’s paintings bring the strangeness and nonsensical side of the narration up front.












Félix Bruzzone / Pablo Derka

Original title: Julián en el espejo

20 x 24 cm / hard cover / 48 pages

Julian is getting bored of playing with his dog everyday. One day he finds a very old and dirty mirror where he sees himself… or is that another boy? He starts throwing the ball to and fro, until it bounces inside the mirror – he will follow! Julian’s dog will get nervous and break the mirror while trying to go inside, too.

Later, he won’t know how to explain to Julian’s parents what has happened. They won’t believe a word he says… after all, dogs don’t talk.

A story where reality and imaginary worlds are put together. The reader won’t know what to believe: the adults version of things? Julian’s? The dog’s? Written in a humorous tone and beautifully illustrated with watercolors, this book challenges the meaning and possibilities of reality.

This is Félix Bruzzone´s first book for children. Pablo Derka adds his watercolor touch, soothing the narrative´s tone, which is sometimes dark, and yet, fun!












Pablo Albo / Guridi

Original title: Noche de gatos hambrientos

20 x 30 cm / hard cover / 40 pages

A detective has a strange friendship with a street cat: this feline always has information about what is going on in the streets and helps Doc to solve his cases in exchange for a few sardines. But one night, Misifús suggests to avoid the alley where cats and mice get together to play their instruments and dance the whole night long. The detective goes anyway and finds a very special and familiar footprint next to the victim’s figure…

This is a dark detective’s story with jazz notes, written by Pablo Albo and illustrated by Guridi (author and illustrator of Don Galindo y el tornado and El rey de nada).













Original title: El rey de nada

29 x 21 cm / hard cover / 40 pages

The king of nothing has a great Kingdom of spotted lines. Which would be the same as a Kingdom of Nothing composed of dotted soldiers, horses and vast lands. But one day he finds a little “something” in his castle – and will put it in prison for making him a little bit scared. When he returns to see the little “something”, he finds it has turned into a bigger “something” – a very THREATENING “something”! He fights it and runs away from it. Until he dares to come back and finds “something” different… A wonderful and very intelligent combination of text and illustrations, where all the things being read will be re-signified in the drawings. A story about fears and being able to find beauty in the unexpected and the unknown.

From the creator and illustrator of Don Galindo y el Tornado and illustrator of Noche de gatos hambrientos.












Gastón Ganza / Guridi

Original title:  Don Galindo y el tornado

19 x 22 cm / hard cover / 40 pages

Don Galindo is not the usual neighbor – that’s what people say. They look at him and talk, judge and look again. He does everything in a different way, he lives in an unreal world, they say. But Don Galindo’s life is truly put upside down when a tornado arrives at his home – not once, but twice! What if life is only “right” to Galindo when it is upside down? What would happen if someone decided to live with a tornado? Would that make someone crazy?A windy story with illustrations that will make the reader turn the book around and around. A manifest of a lifestyle that will make readers reflect. A transoceanic-crazy-collaboration by Argentine writer Gastón Ganza and Spanish illustrator Raúl Nieto Guridi.













Joaquín Areta / Magui Ledesma

Original title: La babirusa atómica

x 24 cm / hard cover / 40 pages

Stumbling over a can of soda in the streets, an embarassed corrupt politician decides to take advantage of the situation and immediately invents the tale of a terrorist attack on his person (and the whole nation) by none other than a strange animal, the pig-like babirusa, from Birmafastan. A ridiculous war will begin between these nations, until the bluff is called and no babirusas are found.A belligerant and politically incorrect story about the real interests behind wars and the media’s influence on society.24












Mariano Díaz Prieto

Original title: Mondo babosa

17 x 26 cm / hard cover / 32 pages

While a cat chases a butterfly, a world with strange inhabitants and different habits starts to unfold. A tree where slugs are ridden like horses; a thick rope that will turn out to be the wool of a gigantic sheep that is resting on the ocean as a cargo boat. Like in a dream, or a Lynch-like movie, the cat will finally reach the place where he started, enabling the story to begin all over again.A very detailed and almost obsessive book with no text that presents a different world from a very peculiar point of view.













Amalia Boselli – Verónica Gatti

Original title: Los indomables pensamientos del Señor O

18 x 22 cm / hard cover / 40 pages

Mr. O is a very serious and hard-working scientist, but his wild thoughts are hard to handle. As everyone can see them, he has decided to wear a hat in order to hide them away from the world. But when Mr. O falls in love, his unruly thoughts won’t be restrained by a mere hat and he will have to go to the doctor to find out how to stop them. He needs to have the control of his life back! Maybe something as simple as a holiday will do…A very sweet and charming story by young writer Amalia Boselli. With a great visual work by Vero Gatti where the illustrations reflect the different moods of the book: Mr. O’s dull world is in black and white – in opposition to the richness and the explosion of colors that flood the pages whenever his thoughts are set free.Amalia Boselli is working on a second book, to continue the adventures of Mr O.